The Wheel of Consent

Why is consent important?

Consent is a hot topic these days! Particularly since 2017 it’s been brought to our attention through the #MeToo movement, highlighting the discord and trauma which can happen in non-consensual personal and sexual relations. British politics has also brought to question the issue of consent and trust in the voting system in recent years. 

The Wheel of Consent

This short video explains consent, using the analogy of making tea – rather than sex.

Consent may contain an element of permission within its meaning, however it’s much more than this. Consent is the mutual agreement reached by two or more people, and the journey of reaching that point which usually involves negotiation. Consent is fundamental to us as social beings, and so important for living an authentic and harmonious life. This need spans all our relations; from our work colleague to our lover. Getting it wrong, not having a clear agreement, or acting outside of agreed consent can cause havoc in our lives. 

The Wheel of Consent was created by Dr Betty Martin. This is a very useful and practical model of personal dynamics and how to create clear, safe agreement. The principles within The Wheel of Consent are very simple, yet most of us have not been given even basic education in these. Read more about consent

“As part of my degree course I need to do a compulsory module on sexual consent. I missed that particular part of the course and I found Julia through the internet. It felt easy to make an appointment for a workshop in consent which Julia tailored to my needs. I found the material that was presented and discussion very interesting, engaging and relevant to many situations that occur in the world and within relationships. I felt my opinion and background within the topics were understood and taken onboard throughout the class. I could easily communicate with Julia about sexual consent and comfort in a relationship. Overall, I learnt many solutions and methods to work with consent within everyday life and sexually. I experienced the learning as a comfortable atmosphere where I felt I could speak freely. “

Male, university student age 19